Tigers’ Heaven Safari – Thrilling Experience with Tigers


Are you planning to do Tigers Safari in Tadoba Andhari National Park?

Here are some reasons why you should go for it!

Today exactly 45 years later doing a Tigers safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger National Park is the first pick of all Tiger lovers. If anyone at all is planning a Tiger Trip to India then this is a must park in the itinerary.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is Maharashtra’s oldest and Largest Wild Life National Park. It is one amongst India’s 43 Tiger Reserves. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve covers the Chimur Hills, and the Andhari sanctuary covers Moharli and Kolsa ranges. It’s bounded on the northern and the western side by densely forested hills. Thick forests with smooth meadows and deep valleys, Cliffs, Talus and Caves provide refuge to the animals. Two forested rectangles are formed by Tadoba and Andhari range.

Power of Green Nature:

Power of Green Nature, Tadoba

As we all know we can not underestimate the power of Nature.

Once you get a chance to do Tigers safari from Tigers’ Heavens resort then you can experience Real life, how does it feel by spending time in Nature Lap. It will not only make you Happy but also give you Stress relief, increase your enthusiasm and even help to soothe illness. The eye-catching green scenery with the sweet smells of flowers will blow your mind. Also, there are some waterfalls with soft sound Drizzling onto the rocks.

The sounds of thunder and splash of a waterfall into the bay accentuated the total experience. This is pure magic and the highlight of the Tigers Safari!

Land of many Thrilling Experience

Land of many Thrilling Experience, Tadoba

At Tigers’ heaven Resort be ready to Experience the breathtaking moment which will be memorable for a lifetime. Experiences like behind the thick bamboo bushes lurk the ferocious tiger, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to launch its attack. Which will give you Goosebumps throughout your body.

In the nutshell, wildlife Tigers safari which will give you eye to eye exposure with other animals and especially with the tiger!


Wildlife Photography:

Wildlife Photography, Tadoba

Everyone wants to store every Moment and memories of what he or she are Experiencing, and why not. We don’t have an opportunity to come back to the same destination.so why not capture it.

Wildlife photography will get you close to nature and the eagerness of capturing will make us feel Energize to get acknowledge about Animal’s Behavior. In Tadoba jungle Tigers safari you can capture the liveliness of Nature being at the right place, at the right time with the right people by capturing the thrilling live moment of Wildlife safari in your Camera and relive the same again with that footage. You can get the photographs of different species like Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos, Snow Leopards, Lions, Black Leopards, or birds, flora and fauna and many more.


Best time to visit:

As per the climate of India, the peak season for visiting National Park is during winters also Monsoon is excellent for visiting the national park as the rainfall during monsoon rejuvenated all the nature. Particularly this time is best for bird watching. A lot of migratory birds visit the park during the winter period. The month of March is the best month for wildlife viewing and the temperature is also low however Months of April & May provide a great & almost sure opportunity to Wildlife Photographers especially who are looking for some rare photographs.

But if you are looking for tigers safari, summer is the best time for tiger sighting in Tadoba, It gets hot in these months. So if you can personally handle such temperatures during the safaris then you will be rewarded by amazing Tiger sightings. also, it is the best time to spot animals with their cubs near the lake. It is also a good time for bird spotting during Jungle Safari. Also it The winter has a pleasant climate and rich flora. Spotting small and large mammals are easier during the winter season. The migration birds can be spotted during this season. During Rainy Season, Spotting animals become rare.

Best time to visit, Tadoba