Safari Experience

Tadoba Jungle Safari

Your day begins with wake-up call along with a cup of coffee/tea at the designated time. An open gypsy awaits to take you even more closer to the nature to see the Jewel of The Jungle – the Tiger.

We provide some fruits neatly packed & mineral water for your 3hrs. safari in the jungle.

One of the finest places to see tigers in India, Tadoba can be explored on open jeeps. This method of excursion is known as tiger safari and is usually for a few hours. The open jeep ride offers wide view of the habitat and a chance to see tigers and other game in the wild.

The Safari’s give opportunity to explore the rich wildlife of the park and spot the animals like Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dogs, Sloth Bear, etc.

There are three zones in the reserve that gives access to the Jeep Safari, namely Moharli Zone, Tadoba Zone, and Kolsa Zone.

Tigers Heaven Resort located at Navegaon gate just 05 kilometers away from the Entry gate. Adjacent to the Buffer Zone Alizanza Zone & Ramdegi Zone with quick access into the Park.

The jeep safaris are organized in the morning and evening with a break in between. The jeeps allowed for excursions have to be registered with the Tadoba Administration.

Naturalist Guides
The tourists can hire naturalist guide for better interpretation and identification. Most of the hotels and resorts employ naturalists while one can also hire freelancers if in contact.

Guest can visit the park by a gypsy (exclusive safari) or by canter (shared safari)

Camera Fees – Rs. 200/- per trip will be applicable for the Camera of 250 mm and above lens.

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Park Timings: Park safari timings are as follows –

Period Morning Evening
Entry Exit Entry Exit
1st Oct to 30th Nov 06.00 to 08.00 10.00 14.30 to 16.00 18.30
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb 06.30 to 08.30 11.00 14.00 to 15.30 18.00
1st Mar to 30th April 06.00 to 08.30 10.30 14.30 to 16.30 18.30
1st May – 30thJune 05.30 to 07.30 10.00 15.00 to 17.00 19.00

Please note – There could be a change in the above timings

Instruction of Do’s & Don’ts by the Forest Department –

Do’s Don’ts
It is mandatory to take Authorized Guide with each vehicle after paying requisite fees before entering any protected area. Do not carry passenger more than permitted capacity of vehicle including driver and guide.
Minimum distance of 50 meters should be maintained between two vehicles in any protected area. Do not get down from vehicle at any place except at authorized places.
It is mandatory to show the Park Entry Pass and / or Identity proof, upon demand by any Forest Official, when traversing through any protected area. Do not play any music instrument or play song on mobile or any other instrument while on safari.
Try to wear nature merging coloured clothes, like…. Beige, Greens, Browns when visiting any protected area. Do not lean out of vehicle or get down from one vehicle and board in other vehicle.
Maximum permissible speed of any vehicle when traversing through any protected area should not exceed 20 kmph. Do not stay at a place for sighting wild animal more than 5 minutes.
It is mandatory to keep a minimum distance of 20 meters from any wildlife, in case any wild animal comes near your vehicle, please do not move your vehicle, instead stay stationery and give passage to the wild animal. Do not throw plastic or any object (bottle tin, packets) out of your vehicle.
Do not overtake other tourist vehicle follow one way rules where applicable.
Do not shout while sighting the animal or otherwise.
Shutdown your mobile and reverse horn of vehicle while on jungle safari in core.

Please Note – Violation of any of above restriction will be penalized.

Special Note for the Park Safari:

  • Safari booking open 120 days prior of the safari date.
  • To book safari we require scanned copy of the passport of a Foreigner National and for the Indian National need name and any id details of everyone who is traveling.
  • Please mention the date, time and trip of safari (i.e. Morning/ Afternoon) and any other excursions at the time of making reservation.
  • Identity proof is must before entry into the park.
  • The safari is subject to availability and under forest department regulation.
  • Please note that any changes in entrance fees or govt. taxes will be extra and will have to be paid by Guest or Travel Agent.
  • Any changes in policies by Maharashtra park authority will be intimated to you and will be applicable for all future booking.