Travel Tips

Best time to visit:

All the routes of the park are open for tourists from the 16th of October to the 30th of June, the tar road in the park i.e the road from Navegaon to Moharli is open throughout the year (i.e it is open during monsoons as well).

November and February is excellent for wildlife viewing, and a great paradise for bird watchers. A lot of migratory birds visit the park during the winter months.

Summer months (March to June) sighting tigers is relatively easier than it is in winters.

March is a great month for traveling to Tadoba if the concern is wildlife viewing.

What to carry:

October to February –

Wild-lifer’s are advised to carry enough warm clothing, jackets, hand gloves, mufflers etc.


March to June

It is very hot during Summer, Hence loose cotton clothing is recommended. A cap / hat, sunscreen lotion, scarf to protect you from heat, recommended to carry enough water during safaris to keep you hydrated (especially when a kid is traveling along).

Binoculars can add a lot of value to ones wildlife viewing, torch, necessary medicine and mosquito repellents is a must.