Tadoba Resorts Breathing New Life into Wildlife Trips and Adventures in India

Even a couple of years ago, family vacation meant packing all the woolens and setting off to the land of the mountains. It was either Kullu-Manali or Shimla. If the vacation was short and we did not want to spend too much time traveling to the destination, we usually chose Panchmari. We would rarely ever think of going to Maharashtra for a vacation. It was a state people came to find work. Bombay, Pune, and Nagpur were industrial hubs, and the countryside was bustling with individuals who had come to the cities to find employment.

Only very recently, the government of India enforced Project Tiger with full gusto. As a result, small green pockets like Tadoba came into public view. These are vacation delicacies for people who want to spend their time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.Tadoba is a green paradise for all nature lovers. Carefully tucked into the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, the national park is very close to Pune. Although it is situated right next to a boisterous city, once you walk in through the gates of the reserve, the mechanical hums die down. The noise dies down, and the bedlam of birds and occasional screeches from monkeys fill the air.

The moniker comes from Taru, a god of the local tribesmen. You can reach Tadoba easily from Chandrapur Railway Station. You can also reach Tadoba from Nagpur via bus or private car. Nagpur is only 160 Km away from the tiger reserve. Arriving at the tiger reserve is no challenge at all. It sprawls along a secure 1727 square kilometer area that is a safe abode of sundry wildlife. Once you are at the Tadoba national park, you should try the walking trail. Although it is a little tedious, it offers the best chances of seeing the Tadoba wild cats at play.

What’s your best option among all the Tadoba Resorts?

A wise way to save energy for the on-foot safari of Tadoba is to stay close to the reserve. Earlier the place was quite reclusive. However, with the recent trends of Indian tourists preferring to spend their vacations amidst the calmness of nature, a number of resorts have opened up near the Tadoba reserve. The best option for you is to pick one that offers all the amenities and is also situated close to the main gate. You should check out the Tigers’ Heaven Resort in Tadoba. You can find the resort near the Navegaon Gate. This is the closest you can live to a tiger reserve in Tadoba. It is also the closest of all the park gates if you are traveling from Nagpur.

Navegaon used to be a small village in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Currently, it belongs to the Vidarbha region of Nagpur. Navegaon has been rehabilitated and re-included in the forest. You can see expansive grassland where the nativecommunity and its thatched huts used to be. This change came after the government of India started offering incentives to villagers who moved away from the occupied forest land. Greenery has reclaimed Navegaon, and 175 hectares of land currently stands free of human intervention.

The buffer area starts immediately after Navegaon. If you are lucky, you can even see at least one of the big cats roaming freely in the green meadows looking for prey. The additional area, which is almost the size of 433 football fields, has now gone back to the original residents of the Tadoba tiger reserve. You can see herds of chitals, sambhars, nilgais, bison and wild boars grazing happily in the reclaimed greenery.

Each morning, the park authority gives permission to only six vehicles to enter the park. The same rule applies for the night. So unless you are living close to one of the gates, it becomes tough to make it on time. The Tigers’ Heaven Resort has the advantage of location over other Tadoba Resorts. You will live within walking distance from the Navegaon gate. You can find the details about the location of this resort on their official website as well.

What is so unique about the Tadoba Tiger Reserve?

Tadoba has 6 zones. The most famous among them all is Mohurli. The others are Zhari, Pangdi, Navegaon, Kolara and Khutvanda. The reserve is home to 80 tigers. Although the Royal Bengal is the keystone species of Tadoba, it is certainly not the only species of big cat found here. Tadoba is home to the Indian leopard as well. Other animals that call this reserve their home include jackals, sloths, nilgais, sambhars, jungle cats, gaur, dhole, chital barking deer, chausinga and the honey badger. If you are lucky, you will get a glimpse of the mammoth crocodiles lazing in the sun. The Tadoba Lake became their home as their numbers kept decreasing from the rest of the state.

At least 74 species of butterflies grace the area around the lake with their presence. There are quite a few exquisite species as well. The most common sighted and recorded butterfly species include Pansies, Marmons, Monarch, and Swordtails. The dry tropical climate is perfect for a number of rare and interesting spider species. You can easily find the giant crab spiders, lynx spiders and wolf spiders in action during the day. Giant wood spiders and redwood spiders are common during the monsoon and autumn. Therefore, if you are not a big fan of the eight-legged beauties, we will suggest you to choose a time between winter and summer to visit the park.

Tadoba is also an ornithologist’s paradise. From the common orange-headed thrush to the buzzards, the forest hosts a number of spices of birds. You can find common species as well as rare ones. Warblers and Lesser Golden-backed Woodpeckers are a common sight inside the forest. Indian Pitta, Stone Curlew, Crested Honey Buzzard, Crested Treeswift, Bronze-Winged Jacana, Paradise Flycatcher, and peacocks are commonly heard and sighted inside the woods. The predator species are not uncommon either, though the thick foliage and canopy make it a little difficult to catch them in flight. Tadoba is also home to the grey-headed fish eagle, Changeable Hawk-Eagle, and the Crested Serpent-eagle.

If you are a herpetologist, you will not be disappointed either. A tour inside the Tadoba will get you close with Terrapins, Indian Star tortoise, and the common Indian monitor lizard. It has a rich collection of snakes as well. This includes the rare and endangered Indian Python as well as the Indian cobra. If you look closely, you may even find Russell’s viper inside the thickets. Check out the official website of this Tadoba Resort if you want an exclusive glimpse of their wildlife activity and programs.

The advantages of staying in the Tigers’ Heaven Resort of Tadoba

Tigers’ Heaven Resort makes sure you catch the best of the sights. They have their in-house safari arrangements, so you do not have to stand in line for limited entry permits. You can visit the park and make lovely memories with your family in Suzuki Jeeps. This makes the ride comfortable as well as safe, even for kids. Viewing crocodiles, deer and tigers from inside a jeep is a memorable experience for adults and children alike. The morning safari is from 6 am to 10 am for guests of the Tigers’ Heaven Resort. The evening safari time is usually between 3 pm and 6 pm. The timings do vary from season to season depending on light conditions and weather.

You may even walk to hike on a scenic route through the park. Expert and professional guides can also come along with you on these nature walks. They are a part of the Tigers’ Heaven Resort activities. In addition to the walks and safaris, you can also spend an evening amidst the indigenous tribe who inhabit the region. If you are planning to stay with this stellar resort, make space in your itinerary for a grand campfire and barbecue spread. The thrilling evenings become more exciting with tribal dance, music, and culture. All in all, the resort makes sure that your visit to Tadoba is complete from every aspect. You get a slice of the wildlife as well as the anthropology during one vacation. This is something not all Tadoba Resorts can offer to their guests.

That is not enough. You can get a real village experience during your stay. You can get to know the tribes, stay like them and soak in the rustic charm all the way. This resort gives you the real taste of Tadoba that is otherwise impossible to find on private trips. Ramdegi is a local spot that is well known for its scenic beauty. You can get an exclusive picnic organized to spend quality time with friends and family. Even if you are planning a romantic getaway, a picnic in the heart of gorgeous greenery is the best gift you can give to your significant other. You can enjoy your lunch sitting in the lap of nature and Tigers’ Heaven Resort will arrange it all.

The Tigers’ Heaven Resort is a 3-star establishment that boasts of its celebrity clientele. TripAdvisor and Travel Myth have endorsed it in the last year. While you rendezvous with nature at the Tadoba reserve, you can spend your nights in complete luxury. The Tigers’ Heaven Resort offers a choice of 3 types of rooms. You can choose from the cottage rooms, deluxe rooms and a special room with a shared terrace. The terrace looks out into the wilderness. This 400 square feet terrace offers the guests a panoramic view of the forest. You can even catch a glimpse of the many birds that nest in the reserve. Waking up to the morning songs of the birds is a delight only one of the many Tadoba Resorts offer.

In addition to luxurious and comfortable rooms, the Tigers’ Heaven Resort also offers completely safe children’s play area. You can rekindle your romance, while the children engage in productive play in the children’s area. If you have always wanted to have an al fresco style breakfast on the lawn, this resort can fulfill that dream too. The resort will make your stay in close to nature a complete experience with its organic farm vegetables, fruits, and authentic cuisines. However, you do not have to worry about modern amenities here. You can easily log into the resort Wi-Fi in the lobby to post updates about your trip, share pictures and chat with your friends. This is indeed a complete arrangement for all tourists coming from all parts of India and abroad. You can call or leave a message for special offers on room booking.

What’s the best time to visit Tadoba?

All the routes inside the park are usually open from 16 October to 30 June for tourists. However, the tar roads from Navegaon to Mohrali are open all year round. If you want an exclusive taste of the wildlife, we suggest you book your rooms in advance for the October to June visits.

Wildlife is usually sprawling during the months of November and February. Seeing one of the big cats in action is so much easier during these months as well. Quite expectedly, the resort stays full during these months. You need to book in advance for the best facilities.

If you have decided on seeing tigers only, summer is a great time. For general viewing of the plethora of wildlife of Tadoba, you can visit during March as well. This month is also ideal for bird watching.

What should I carry for a trip to the wild?

Experts suggest that visitors bring loose clothing for summer. If you are thinking about visiting this summer, take loose cotton clothing, sun hats and sunscreen for sure. Do not forget to carry water or rehydration formula if you are planning on visiting with your kids.

For winters, carry enough warm clothing, comforters, and gloves.

Binoculars are necessary if you want a clear view of the birds and animals. Stock up on mosquito repellents since the forest is abuzz with insect life as well. Also, carry battery operated flashlights and necessary medication.