Tadoba Jungle Safari :

Doing a Tigers safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger National Park is the first pick of all Tiger lovers. Visit inside the park is on 4X4 Gypsy (Suzuki Jeeps). Morning safari is from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and the evening safari is from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the timings may change slightly with the season. Prior booking is required so please do let us know in advance.

This wildlife Tigers safari in Tadoba will give you eye to eye exposure with other animals and especially with the tiger!

Nature walks :

Once you get a chance to do Tigers safari from Tigers’ Heavens resort then you can experience Real life, how does it feel by spending time in Nature Lap. Take a walk with our resort guide and explore nature. we will guide you step by step to Get the Experience Green Nature.

Tribal Dances :

At Tiger’s Heaven Resort in Tadoba, you will get a unique and Beautiful Experience by watching the Cultural dance of Gond tribes with campfire and barbeque will add to one’s experience (arranged on request)

Village experience :

Feel the Rustic life of the village know about the local tribes and their experience of living near Tiger territory. we will ensure you the Best Stay in Tadoba resort and get the complete feel of Rustic Life.

Picnics and more :

The eye-catching green scenery with the sweet smells of flowers will blow your mind.
Ramdegi a beautiful spot to visit with your family and Enjoy lunch in nature (arranged on request).

Hirapur Megalithic Dolmen Complex:

It’s a megalithic burial site, situated around 30 km from the resort, surrounded by Perjagarh Nagbhir hill
ranges covering various archaeological sites ranging from prehistoric time onwards. The explorations
at the site of Hirapur have brought to light two dozens of megalithic burials including double chambered
Dolmen(locally known as ‘Mandavgota’) found first time in Central India made out of Sandstone and